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    1. I do like realism, but as long as you can still see art, so probably not hyper-realism, which I rather take a picture for that LOL. I guess mainly my preferred art style would be a lousy unpolished looking some sort of realistic fantasy art? But of course with lots of exceptions. Damn, I guess everything artistic looking is fine for me?

  1. I dont see how it’s good
    But anyways my sister might go in operation today and I’m so confused and I’m stressed out but I dont wanna seem that was cause my mum is upset and I wanna be strong for her to see its nothing bad to worry about…I think

    1. You should not feel the need to act like the adult you’re not. You should be able to cry, and get support from your parents. Of course your mum will be worried, but that’r her job as a mother. To take care and protect her children.

  2. I’m worried
    But I won’t cry for it
    I dont feel the need to
    I’m just gonna try and not to seem worried
    If this is acting as an adult
    It says alot

  3. I dont see the need to cry at all
    I dont care
    I’m just a bit worried about the aftermath or even during the operation
    Other than that I’m fine

  4. She is in surgery and my mum is crying because she’s worried my dad is also upset and I’m just here and they are silent and won’t say a word

  5. And today I barely ate at all and I don’t know why
    And im tired of being tired and I have a headache
    And im playing minecraft

  6. I haven’t drawn a thing and I feel terrible about that and I haven’t written anything at all and I want to but don’t know what

    1. You don’t need to toughen up at every opportunity, bottling up your feelings is not that good for mental health. Let them out even in a controlled manner in a safe environment and be kind to yourself.

  7. I’m kind to myself
    I played minecraft for 4 hours
    Maybe 5
    I’m not toughening up because I don’t need to it’s just the way I am
    Plus I’m fine
    I’m not worried anymore
    Because even my worry was small

  8. Heheheheheheheheh
    Do you actually keep the drawing I give you??
    Because when I was younger i gave my primary teacher a drawing and they scrunched it up and put it in the bin in front of me

    1. Have you seen my office? I have 3 of your drawings there in the wall, also I have one at home in the wall were I work, and I have a folder with all the other drawings I have received as a gift (not only from you).

      Those are my most dear possessions. And I keep them safe. Every person who went out of their way and spent time creating art just for me… it’s something I will always treasure.

      I even keep a handmade Christmas postcard made by a 4 year old years ago. Such a treasure.

      One day I will have to put them all together in a more organized manner… so I can even write who did what, when… I will probably enjoy a lot to go through a book with all those memories.

      Am I weird?

      Uh… you know what? I don’t want to know the answer, lol.

      1. No, you’re not weird
        Plus, you’re not normal either
        There is no such thing as a normal person
        I’m the exact same. I have 2 letters from my sidekick and señors drawing and letter. And your drawings that you said you hated
        I always write letters to people because I know for a fact I can not say it properly with words
        Plus, those letters give me time to think about what I should say
        You’re not weird at all
        You’re fun

  9. But then they gave me a piece of homework
    To do better art. It was written on a small piece of paper
    That art work wasn’t good enough
    Do better and I will keep it

  10. Just wanted to write this because I felt like it
    You are not a bad person
    You are very good and you are deserving
    You are kind and caring and you work so hard just to keep others happy
    You matter
    Thank you for making me happy

  11. *catches*
    No I’m not
    I wrote it because I was bored and it was for you because i wanted it to so I forced you to read something
    I dont even know if it made you happy
    And it took 2 minutes out of your day

    1. For your kindness. I am thankful for how kind you are. And as well, I am still proud of you.
      Is your sister doing better?
      Make sure you enjoy the week left!

      1. I dont think I can enjoy the rest of the week
        I have to write and work on stuff
        Because I really haven’t done that

    1. Don’t force yourself. We’ll get you blank paper, ok? so don’t stress over it.
      I think it’ll be cool if we all learn to make our own sketchbooks so we have an endless supply, lol!
      I need to check youtube tutorials for book binding.

  12. But I give up on tasks that involve doing things like that so fast because I lose interest
    I hate doing thousands of things at
    My sibling
    Needs my help to walk
    And stuff
    I’m helping my mum cook
    I’m cleaning
    I’m running up and down to get the medication
    I’m breaking the nuts to make baklav
    Trying to help my parents read
    And writing in English for them ffs

  13. I’m more tired
    But what’s the point of complaining
    I saw a vid of an albanian guy doing a freestyle and he rapped so fast that I literally couldn’t understand what he was saying
    He was like faster than eminem at that point and I was like
    Wot is he saying

  14. Pepino
    Is cute
    But like
    Is aggressive like if they ask if you want it the full sentence would be
    a doni të hani një kastravec?
    Do you want to eat a cucumber?

    1. Not everything in Spanish is going to sound cute, though. Pepino is a cute word, but imagine:

      Retrógrado (someone whose politic views are way old fashioned)

      Petricor (the smell of wet ground right before the rain starts)

      Remendar (to sew something back together)

      I think Spanish can kill anyone by tongue dislocation while trying to pull the rolling R’s.

      1. Everything in my language is aggressive in both writing and speaking and reading and listening because you have to emphasise everything even without an emphasis on it, lol
        And they sound often muffled and too fast especially those down there and in the countryside. Me I am from the countryside

      2. That is literally easy
        The second you say it once you can say it again
        Spanish is easier
        I’m albanian and I struggle with albanian more than I could ever struggle in Spanish
        We have 4 ways of saying hello
        And 3 ways of saying goodbye
        And 3 ways of saying thank you and your welcome
        And another 10 ways of saying yes and no
        And if your describing someone by their name it’s a nightmare

        1. I am not going to disagree with you. My pride still hurt from trying to pronounce your language with you laughing your ass off.

          1. Listen
            I wasn’t laughing at you
            I was laughing at no matter how many times I told you the
            Is a y
            And you still continued the other way made me laugh

  15. I dont really care
    I do sooooo I said it it doesn’t matter if you hold no religion
    It literally doesn’t
    You can still have fun
    Like in Easter
    You don’t need to be Christian to be able to hide eggs
    You can still have fun

  16. I-
    I didnt say that
    I said you could still have fun.
    Not completely celebrate the whole thing
    You can enjoy it the way it is
    With no need to believe in that God
    You can learn
    And you can have fun making baklav
    Or hunting for eggs
    Because I’m not Christian but me and my cousins do fun egg hunts for Easter

  17. I’m sorry I should not have said anything in the first place to do with religion now we are in this mess I’m just saying yk
    You don’t have to do it
    I’m sorry

    1. Nah, don’t apologize again, I was chill thinking all the celebrations I could join in, anyway. To be honest I did join before to different religions celebrations, I do it for respect of friends who are religious and ask me to join. But that does not mean I don’t enjoy.
      Except for my father’s religious funeral, we made fun of it and disrespected it. My father would have not liked to have a religious ceremony but my mother insisted… so me and my siblings made a mockery of it as tribute to my father, LMAO. Not even my mother could complain, she even said my father would have done the same stupid jokes himself. LOL.

  18. I-
    I’m not good
    I’m still so blunt
    I’m trying
    I’m trying so hard to change a few things about me
    I dont like

    1. I think it’s absolutely fine that you’re blunt?
      What part you don’t like about that?
      If someone doesn’t approve, consider that there is always someone who is not going to like something about you, so only focus in what you like or not.
      What others think, doesn’t matter.
      Haters gonna hate.

  19. I’m disrespectful and don’t know how to shut up and say things directly
    It hurts others feelings and makes me angry
    And im annoying to others most of the time
    I’m just boring and don’t care about fun things such as roller coaster and beaches and stuff like that
    And I am called cold because I don’t talk most of the time
    And im so annoying
    I annoy myself

    1. You keep saying you’re annoying, but not everyone is going to find you annoying, I don’t find you annoying, your friends don’t find you annoying. And there is always someone bound to find you annoying. A lot of people think I am annoying, but I don’t care about their opinion. I only care about what I think of myself and what my loved ones think. And they don’t go around thinking I am annoying. So, yeah, let’s ignore people who think you’re annoying, they don’t deserve you.
      Not everyone finds the same things “fun”, that definition is highly different from person to person. My husband would NEVER go in a roller coaster. Sadly most of my friends neither. I have no one to go into roller coasters hahaha, as you see, not everyone think those are fun. Same with beaches, a lot of people don’t enjoy the sand inside their clothes, the smell of rotten weed, the sun burning your skin… Although I grew up in an island, so I love it. But I also like the mountain, going to cities, countryside…
      Every person is different and it is ok to like things your own way, you don’t need to like the trend, just enjoy what you like. And sometimes experiment new things to see if you find new hobbies (only healthy things, ok?)

      1. I like the countryside and to be alone
        It makes me feel free because I don’t have to force energy at all
        And I dont get drained everyday
        And nobody yells at me
        And nobody tells me what to do and I’m not wondering around school and not hearing children scream
        I like the countryside
        I like to sit and watch a movie
        I hate concerts but if I went to one I would try and enjoy it
        My mum is way different when we go somewhere we are constantly outside and at the beach and it’s terrible
        It’s not even a holiday it just makes me sick
        My dad forces us outside but puts us back in
        And im quite happy with being inside
        I hate hotels
        I hate cities
        I love countryside and villas away from neighbours
        God I sound boring
        I’m sorry

        1. Stop apologizing, don’t worry, if I ever have the feeling you have to, I will tell you. I’ll make it easy for you. Ok?
          And you are pretty much an introverted, like a lot of other people, it’s ok to enjoy calmer places.
          I do enjoy cities and certain buzz but you’re correct, it can get pretty draining. That’s why I went to live in the calmest almost countryside area I could find, that still had public transport, LOL.

    1. It’s just a thing. Like being blonde or brunette, or being tall or short, it’s not a bad or a good thing, it’s just a thing.

      And about your previous question… if I ever feel like you need to apologize for whatever the reason. I mean I would give you a cue, so you don’t need to struggle with me wondering if you have to apologize or not. And you don’t apologize at every single thing you say because you think I am… annoyed? upset? I don’t know, in your imagination I must be super grumpy that you feel all the time that you need to apologize… and most of the time I am just here… chilling with a cup of tea watching youtube shorts of cats.

  20. But its not just you
    It’s to everyone I apologise to
    No matter how happy they are
    Also after this holiday you will see me very tired
    Just be warned

    1. It’s not that I haven’t slept thats already happened before my sister had an operation
      But I’ve been taking care of the house on my own because my father is at work and my mum has arthritis and it hurts for her and I have to take care of my sister

      1. Hopefully soon you’ll be able to rest a bit.
        And I cannot fix that you apologize to everyone, I tried to tell you that you need to tone it down and did not help… so I though maybe we could start smaller. I can hint you when you have to apologize to me. So instead you’re not constantly apologizing to me.

  21. Even if you hint, I will not stop, lol
    I am unstoppable when it comes to apologising
    Plus, it’s not just you that I apologise to

  22. This is what happens when your mother put a switch in a box full of clothes and heavy things and never touch it for 9 months And my mum threw it around a few times it’s completely frozen And won’t turn off and is remaining on It won’t let me turn it off at all and I even took out the game
    Wow I can’t have good things ever
    Maybe I should just work

  23. Lol
    Honestly same
    That was me
    But then I didn’t care and continued eating my baguette
    Nothing will stop me
    Not even my mouth bleeding for me to eat a baguette

  24. My parents wants me to go to Spain instead of brighton Spain is the one place I don’t want to go, i dont want to go at all None of me wants to go Spain is just not my place I’ve been there before And it’s never been my place And I didnt like it there because too many things where going on and we were in a hotel And my family tell me lies like
    Oh your gonna pick our holiday but I never get to so I just follow them around and pretend to like it I just want to go Brighton
    Spain is nice
    Brighton is like what I want to live in the future that’s how good it is and I love it there, Spain is too much for me and I hate hotels lol

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