• Sinopsis:
Blu is an alien trapped in an old fantasy world that is drowning on darkness. The wannabe detective Allen and Blu will try to uncover some of the mysteries of the capital city.  
  • Genres:
Fantasy, sci-fi, humour, adventures.  
  • Special thanks
To my friend Alejandro / Friboc, who helps me with the text in the Spanish version. To my dear Ata, who is my snake in shining armor and always comes to save me and from now on will be coloring some pages.  
  • About me:
I’m an artist from Spain that is lost somewhere on Earth. Among other things, I did a little documentary, participated on some exhibitions and spent a lot of time studying theory. I guess you can call me an art freak. I don’t only love to produce art but I am also interested in cultural backgrounds, history, but foremost, my love has always been on comics, when I was 15 I used to collaborate in an old underground fanzine, so this is my comeback to comics.   Launched october 2017. All rights reserved.