Cursed Arrows is the new comic I am working in with Ataraxia as team mate (we’re now called Snakes in Flames as team), and is a romance story of a Demon trying to find his missing wife in the human world. He is going to find himself teaming up with the most absurd adventurers he could ever find. Will he ever find his loved one? You gotta follow the story to see!    
Deify is the story written by my friend Goodmode, and is an adventure of two young people (one of them with awesome eyebrows) that are about to embark in an incredible journey!    
  • Ataraxia 
Ataraxia is now helping me every now and then with the colors of BLU and my partner in crime in Cursed Arrows, and she is likely to take on my streams every now and then. Please, check out her beautiful artwork here (and beg her to post stuff, please): Ataraxia Rivera Barrero Her twitter account